Colton BrockI am Colton James Brock and I am a third generation Arizona Native. Both of my parents are natives my father’s father was born in Clifton, Arizona in 1923 and my mother’s father was born in Buckeye, Arizona in 1932. I feel most at home in the desert; the heat, mountainous topography, plant life and fiery skies all contribute to the mood of my works. Growing up skateboarding in Phoenix has naturally lead to an affinity for unnatural landscapes, my paintings often simply being an extension of that attraction, which constantly lures me out into various urban centers.

Mixing pigment on a pallet is much the same as mixing flavor in a glass intended for ones palate. Just as colors can be salty or sweet, flavors come both dull and vibrant. Furthermore; texture, opacity and saturation play a roll in both flavors and color. I dare say this applies to music, culinary, film, writing or anything else involving one of our five senses (perfume?), but I digress.

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